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April 2014 Vol. 3 Issue 2

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Okeke VOS

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Global Advanced Research Journal of Social Science (GARJSS)

April 2014 Vol. 3(2), pp. 015-024

Copyright © 2014 Global Advanced Research Journals



Full Length Research Paper


Pressure groups and policy process in Nigeria:  a case of fourth republic


Okeke, Vincent Onyekwelu Sunday Phd


Faculty of Social Sciences, Department Of Political Science, Anambra   State  University,  Igbariam,  Anambra  State,  Nigeria


E-mail:; Phone: 08033847373


Accepted 21 April, 2014




The policy process is a large process with so many actors participating in it and contributing to as well as influencing its outcome. Pressure groups have existed in Nigeria even before independence. The height of their activities was during the military rule when the political environment was too restrictive on their activities leading to the banning of some of the pressure groups. However, the fourth republic in Nigeria has also witnessed rise in their activities. Based on the enormous work which pressure groups do in every political system in especially in the policy process and the ensuing argument over their usefulness, this work has studies pressure groups in Nigeria in the fourth republic to ascertain the role they have played in the policy process in the fourth republic. This work is located in the Group Theory of policy making and analysis. In the methodology, the work was carried out using qualitative research method. Data was collected from already existing literature while the analysis was carried out with qualitative content analysis method. The work found out that pressure groups in Nigeria have actually influenced to a great extent policy processes and outcomes one of which is the passing of the Freedom of Information Law. The research has recommended more strengthening of the pressure groups in Nigeria to ensure that a lacuna is not created in their roles.


Keywords: Pressure Groups, Policy Process, Nigeria and Fourth Republic