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November 2013 Vol. 2 Issue 2 

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Al-Helli AM

Al-Biaty MA


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Global Advanced Research Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (GARJPP)

November 2013 Vol. 2(2), pp. 021-032
Copyright © 2013 Global Advanced Research Journals



Full Length Research Paper


Effects of metformin, or metformin with omega 3 combination on serum leptin in Iraqi obese subjects


Afrah M Al-Helli*, Mustafa G. Al-Abbassi, Mohamed A. Al-Biaty


Al-Mustansiriyah University College of Pharmacy, Baghdad, Iraq


*Corresponding Authors E-mail:


Accepted 28 October, 2013




Obesity is an excessive development of fat throughout the body in which a body mass index (BMI) is over 30.According to the world health organization (WHO) reports, obesity is a global epidemic throughout the world. Iraq is in the seventh rank of the prevalence of obesity in the world. In this research we aim to study the effects of metformin and omega 3 drugs alone or their combination on BMI, fasting blood glucose, lipid profile, liver enzymes (ALT, AST), Malondiadehyde (MDA), and leptin. In this research we have thirty six obese subjects and divided into three groupsthese subjects were selected from the Al-Kindi Medical College, obesity research and therapeutic unit where they were visiting the unit for treatment.The first group used metformin 1500 mg/day for two months, and the second group used placebo drug once daily for two months. The third group used metformin 1500 mg/day plus omega 3 for the same period. The finding of the research imply that the comparison between the second treated group and the third treated group showed a significant change in this study parameters (p<0.05). However, in comparison between the second group with the first treated group showed a significant change in the study parameters (p<0.05). Comparison the first treated group with thethird treated group showed no significant change (p>0.05) except with triglyceride, MDA parameters (p<0.05). In general, it can be concluded that metformin plus omega 3 by far is the best choice for obese subjects in this study.


Keywords: obesity, metformin, omega 3, BMI, leptin